In addition to photography, Jim likes to sketch cats. Meet "Maggie Cat Comics", featured on Facebook and Instagram. Maggie is a big, very furry, long-hair-shed-everywhere cat with lots of friends...



Maggie has her first book!

"Maggie Cat Comics - Volume One" is a collection of 60 favorites, printed as a 6x6" soft-cover cozy-book that you can enjoy without the distraction of your email and apps . Even after all the rechargeable batteries in your life have run dry, the pages still turn!

Now Maggie can sit on YOUR coffee table - or she can solve that vexing what-do-you-give-someone-who-has-everything gift challenge. It's the perfect gift for your allergic friends who love cats but can't visit your house without suitable meds.

Here's the best part: all net profits from the sale of this book are donated to animal rescue organizations. As a special bonus, the first 50 copies will be signed by the artist (Maggie will include sheddings upon special request).